Mabel Matiz (Born,August31,1985,Mersin)
The name Mabel is taken from the novel “Brown Island Blue Danube” and is the nickname of the character Danube. Matiz, was added to the name in the belief that it best describes his music, derived from an ancient Greek slang word whose meaning denotes «someone who is very drunk in love, affected, devoted».

Mabel spent his childhood and early teenage years in Erdemli, and states it contributed a great deal to him musically. After successfully finishing Tömük Dr. Mustafa Erden Primary School and Erdemli Anadolu High School he moved to Istanbul in 2003 to attend Istanbul University and graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in 2008. In 2011 he enrolled in the graduate department at Bilgi University to study Human Rights Law but in 2014 decided to drop out of university.

During his years in high school and university he took guitar and singing lessons for a short time and after gaining experience from playing in a few cover bands at university, which can be considered his first musical studies, he began to write his own songs and make his first personal home recordings which would later make him famous. Since 2008, the mainly guitar and vocal recordings of his songs as well as his cover demos have been put out anonymously via his personal website.

In the summer of 2009, after meeting entertainment and music executive Engin Akıncı, who showed a big interest in his music, preparations began for his first solo album. Included in the project were Alper Erinç and Alper Gemici and together they entered the studıo to make the album. Mabel undertook the musical production and all the arrangements together with Alper Gemici and after working for more than 1 year his self-titled debut album was released on 11th May 2011 on the Zoom Music Label.

Mabel Matiz reached a wide audience as soon as his self-titled debut album was released and was shown by both listeners and Turkey’s leading music critics to be amongst the most promising young musicians of our country. In reviews made in 2011 his debut album was shown to be in the top 10 albums of the year and video clips made for the songs taken from the album, such as “Arafta”, “Söylese O Ben Söyleyemem”, “Kül Hece”, “Filler ve Çimen” ve “Barışırsa Ruhum” were all received to great acclaim.

Within this period, Mabel Matiz performed concerts firstly in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, then also in several cities in Anatolia before beginning to record his second album, “Yaşım Çocuk”, in August 2012. All of the arrangements were by Can Güngör and Cihan Mürtezaoğlu and the album’s mixes and also voice coaching were done by Tolga Görsev. The album was recorded at one of Turkey’s best recording studios, Erekli – Tunç Studio, and comprised of 12 songs, 9 of which were composed and written by Mabel Matiz, and the album's first single and video, Zor Değil, was a collaboration with Mete Özgencil. Another acclaimed piece from the album, whose lyrics and music was written by Yıldız Tilbe, was the song “Aşk Yok Olmaktır”.

In January 2013 , the song “Zor Değil”, which was the first video clip released from the album Yaşım Çocuk with DMC Music / Zoom Music Label, was directed by Gürcan Keltek. The artist’s new album “Yaşım Çocuk” which was defined as “City Poet ” by listeners and music critics, earned a great success the week it was released by entering the D&R album sales list at number 8. Later the album reached #1 position at I-Tunes Turkey album sales chart staying at the top, for more than a month. The videos for the songs “Zor Değil” and “Aşk Yok Olmaktır” taken from the album stayed a long time at the top of the play lists on both TV and radio charts and became acclaimed as two of the most played and most listened to hits of 2013.

The artist’s song “Sultan Süleyman”, which he recorded for the album “Aysel’in”, an album prepared in honour of the famous songwriter Aysel Gürel, became another surprise hit in the summer of 2013. Furthermore, the song “Sultan Süleyman” , while bringing Mabel Matiz to a much wider audience in Turkey, also stood out as one of 2013’s top 5 most downloaded songs and is accepted as one of the most successful cover song interpretations of all time.

The long, multi-legged “Yaşım Çocuk” Turkey Tour began in March 2013 and within 1.5 years the artist, by playing in approximately 40 cities and by performing more than 100 concerts to reach hundreds of thousands of his fans, became the artist with the highest number of ticket sales as well as the artist giving the most concert performances for the years 2013 and 2014.

Mabel also carried his success to Europe, where he started playing at local clubs and some of the prestigious venues reaching Turkish minority listeners as well as new European fan base in countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

In 2014 Mabel Matiz was showered with awards by Turkey’s prestigious media organisations and universities. Also within 2014 the artist was designated, by readers poll, Hürriyet – Altın Kelebek’s “Best Breakthrough Artist of the Year” and he was awarded th prize “Music Man of the Year” by the prestigious GQ Turkey Magazine. In addition, his album “Yaşım Çocuk” was chosen “Album of the Year” by readers of Milliyet Sanat Magazine.

“Yaşım Çocuk”, which was the 3rd Single taken from the album “Yaşım Çocuk”, was one of the artist’s highly acclaimed works in 2014. In July 2014 the song "Alaimisema" was re-released with a new arrangement as a Single / Radio Edit version.

In October 2014, immediately after the long Yaşım Çocuk Turkey Tour, Mabel Matiz went in the studio to begin recording his brand new album “Gök Nerede”. On “Gök Nerede” there are 14 brand new Mabel Matiz songs, which were recorded between October 2014 and January 2015 in Kadikoy Studio Bee and Beyoglu Babajim Studios, and in February 2015 the album met with music lovers. The production and all the arrangments on the album, which was released on the Zoom / DMC Label, were undertaken by Can Güngör, with whom the artist also collaborated on “Yaşım Çocuk”. Mabel Matiz wrote the lyrics and music of 9 of the songs on the album. 3 songs on Mabel Matiz’s new album were composed together with his musician friends and 1 song from master composer and esteemed songwriter Nazan Öncel. “Bir Hadişe var”, from Öncel’s 1992 album, stands out as the only cover song on “Gök Nerede”. Russian composer Evgeny Grinko’s “Vals” together with lyrics written by Mabel Matiz is also noted as the album’s only adaptaion of a song.

Chosen as the album’s first hit single, with lyrics and music by the artist, “Gel” won considerable acclaim from both music critics and also listeners and in so doing became one of the biggest hits of 2015. On digital platforms such as i-tunes, Turkcell Music, TTNet Music and Avea Music “Gel” stayed at #1 for weeks as the most listened to and most downloaded song. As for the song’s much lauded and very special clip, it was again co-directed by Mabel Matiz and Aytekin Yalçın and filmed in Istanbul and Prague. The clip, which is one of essential videos exisiting on Turkish Music Channels, is also, based on the number of clicks it receives, one of the most watched and most shared clips on youtube, reaching almost 125 million clicks so far.

In the first week of its release “Gök Nerede” (Where is the Sky ?) succeeded in entering the i-tunes albums’ list at # 1 as well as entering the D&R most selling physical albums’ list at #2 where it stayed there for numerous weeks on top of the albüm sales charts. I-Tunes Turkey officials called “Gök Nerede” as the best album of the year in 2015 and the album has reached GOLD status according to local IFPI, Müyap digital data.

In the world of Turkish Pop Music, Mabel Matiz has managed to shatter the established perceptions and capture a large fan base in many countries with a different style, as well as with exceptional lyrics and melodies. Beginning in March and continuing throughout 2015 his “Gök Nerede (Where is Heaven) Tour” took in approximately 50 cities in Turkey. Thanks to the continuing success of his back to back released hit singles such as “Sarisin” , “Bir hadise Var”, “Ahu” and “Gök Nerede” Mabel continues touring in Turkey and in Europe, where he extended his audience to vast majorities playing at prestigious venues like Amsterdam Paradiso, Berlin Kesselhaus Cologne Kantine, Munich TheaterFabrik and etc.

In over the years, Mabel Matiz has also became famous with his public and social work for Human Rights and his continuing support for the awareness campaigns of LGBT community in Turkey. Currently Mabel Matiz is in the studio once again recording his 4’th solo album simply titled “Maya” soon to be released in the fall of 2017. This new album celebrates the creativity of this young star, as he is coming up with an outstanding new sound and arrangements for this new album produced by himself. The new album is a mixture of electronica, pop and folk genres combined in a very unusual way, tipping his global stardom and upcoming success for the international markets.

The first single taken from the upcoming album is called “Ya Bu İsler Ne “ is scheduled to be released digitally on august 11’th 2017. The track will be celebrating the new sound of Mabel’s continuing progress and the new music genres he is searching for artistically.