Mabel Matiz, one of the most important musicians and performers of today's main stream Turkish music, is about to release his 4’th studio album titled "Maya", which has been two years, in the process of making it. The album is set to be released on June 20 th on all of the digital platforms simultaneously, followed by the physical release of the album on June 21’st.

The album’s concept is based on Anatolian melodies that are combined with electronic infrastructures, analog synths and arpeggiator sounds, including references to the 70's Anatolian pop and psychedelic worlds. The new album “Maya” is co-produced by Mabel Matiz and Sabi Saltiel. The team worked together to create an album in which listeners could find different genres of music combining with synth pop, disco and trap that are skillfully implemented in this album.

The CD version of “Maya” includes 21 tracks including an intro, is beautifully designed and packaged as double CD jewel case and digipack deluxe versions.. The digipack deluxe version of “Maya” will be consisting of a Mabel Matiz poster and a sticker that could be a small surprise for the music fan and music collectors.

Yet alone, the digital version of the album "Maya", is also including two additional new songs as bonus tracks available on the digital album and digital platforms only.

In the album, there are two previously released as “single” tracks called "Ya Bu İşler Ne" and "Öyle Kolaysa", which both became one of the biggest hits of last year and this year aswell. Mabel Matiz wrote all of the lyrics and music of the 19 songs in the album, in which “Sarmaşık” is the only new track co- written by Mabel Matiz and Sıla Gençoğlu. The powerfull writing couple is set to score another #1 hit record together since last year’s “Muhbir” which was also co written by them.

In the album, by bringing together musicians and performers from different disciplines, Mabel Matiz succesfully created an eclectic world of musical unity without depending on the musical genres and the identities.

The album also introduces new suggestions and directions to the mainstream Turkish music and it includes very colourfull and powerfull feat. collaborations with artists such as Gülden Karaböcek, who is still one of the most important female performers of the Turkish music history. “Maya” also features collaborations with one of the leading producers of the electronic music scene “ Ah Kosmos! “ as well as Sibel Gürsoy, who is one of the most mysterious and powerfull female vocals in Turkey.

In the album, the musical arrangements belongs to Sabi Saltiel, one of the leading musicians and sound design innovators in Turkey along with Mabel Matiz himself. In some of the other arrangements, we see the names of the successful new generation musicians such as; Ah! Kosmos (Başak Günak), British producer Mark Dobson known for his Ambassadeurs project, as well as Taner Yücel, who is also known for his comprehensive work with the band “Jakuzi” as a composer and the producer.

The production of the album “Maya” is completed at Kadikoy / Moda Gevrec studios over 2 years of period and it will be released by Zoom Music label in Turkey. The digital and physical distribution will be provided by DMC. The album cover shot and all of the photography belongs to Selçuk Danyildiz who is an up and coming but successful photographer. Anıl Can whom worked with Mabel Matiz closely on his previous music videos also provided a new vision to the styling of the artist and also executed the art direction of the album. The graphic design of the album artwork credit goes to Pul Design / İstanbul while the mastering of the album, has been completed by Steve Fallone at the world famous Sterling Sound / NY studios.

Mabel Matiz's 4th album "Maya", which is described as "the beginning of a new era", by the artist himself, is now being presented to the audience and becoming available to the public with great enthusiasm and happiness in which we hope to celebrate this new era all together.